Frequently Asked Questions

Open data is free, accessible data that anyone can use for any purpose—and public interest in it is exploding.
You can request or make purchase of our publications or detailed unpublished data from DOSM. To do so, please register in our eStatistik and all requests or purchases will be attended through the system.
Requests for data will be charged on cost recovery basis, depending on the amount of resources used to process and compile the data.
Other than providing the publications and data, DOSM also provide the consultancy services on statistical methods to conduct survey such as frame, sampling and questionnaire design, field operation, processing and data analysis. Furthermore DOSM also provide training.
At the moment DOSM only provides industrial or practical training for students of higher learning institutions in Malaysia.


For written enquiry please include your name, organisation, designation and purpose of obtaining the data and should be addressed to the following:

Integration & Data Management Division,
Department Of Statistics, Malaysia,
Level 7, Block C6, Complex C,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62514 Putrajaya,

E-mail :
Phone : +603-8885 7000
Fax : +603-8888 9240