Who should I contact to obtain agricultural statistics for a specific commodity?

You can get the information at DOSM website in our Directory, please select Agriculture and Environment Statistics Division.

What type of agriculture statistics is available from DOSM? What form(s) is it available in?

DOSM issues statistics information on Rubber, Crops, Fisheries and Livestock. This information is distributed in the form of report. The reports are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The data are at the State and establishment level.

How often, and why, is the Census of Agriculture Establishment undertaken?

The Census of Agriculture Establishment is conducted every 2 years. A census aims to collect information from agricultural establishments in sub-sector of Crops, Fisheries and Livestock. The Census of Agriculture Establishment is to publish principal statistics pertaining to the agriculture sector by agricultural establishments. Among the statistics presented are value of gross output, cost of input, employment and salaries & wages as well as values of assets owned.